The 2013 BMW 435i what an aggressive sterner
By Thabang Dhlamini

The Germans have combined the bigger version of the 3series model and the smaller version of the 5series version to form one magnificent car that is the 4series. I had the opportunity to test drive the 435i BMW sports pack, which is the top in its range. The 435i is 16mm lower than the 335i saloon, where the 4series model derived from. It’s wheelbase has been extended by 50mm, the front track is 45mm wider and the rear wheels are generously apart by a whopping 80mm, which simply means more space. The suspension is stiffer and the 25kg weight cut makes it not to feel heavy when doing the bands. 

The asking price for this model is R600 000 plus loaded with extras such as leather electric heated seats, parking sensors, activated by pushing the gear in “R” (Reverse) equipped with cameras to make it easy to squeeze into tight spots. It comes with the 8speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters as a standard; one must say I like the added game like feeling to your driving experience.

The technology in the 435i is simply amazing; the driver can pair his/her phone or Ipod device to the car showing the album and artist details you currently listening to. It has the automatic wipers doing away with fiddling around with the knobs when it starts raining. It has the 5.1 Harman Kardon speaker system which packs a punch. 

The interior with a splash of orange colour goes well with the blue colour of the car, makes you feel as if you are inside the business class of the airplane. The heated leather electric seats have a swallowing feeling once you get comfortable in them. The iDrive system is easy to use and very simple suitable for any age group whether technologically advanced or just aware. 

The looks are not that dramatic as the AMG that shouts “look at me I am fast!”. It needs an inquisitive eye to spot the refined details of the body design arguably similar to the 5series model. The doors with the frameless windows have the coup touch. The curtain slide sunroof can be operated from the key its impressive to witness the response time. The two sliver tailpipes at the rear end are sticking out of the bumper, a hidden tow bar is accessible at the touch of a button located on the right hand side of the boot, press the button stand back while it effortlessly glides up under the bumper.

Gone are the days you have to put your grocer down to open the boot, you simply slide your foot under the rear bumper and watch the boot open, no keys needed.

The 435i is the only 4 series blessed with a powered straight six engine (same engine as the one in the M3) but it is not turbocharged like the rest that relies on turbocharge 4 cylinder units. The lovely sound of a single turbo oozes such power with 3litter direct injection that takes off from 0-100km/h in just 5.4 seconds.


It does not look quite special from the outside, love the interior, technology, the seats, paddleshift gears behind the steering wheel. The advantage is that it is a pace setter for other 4series models. I would buy it but prefer the latest BMW135i sports pack until the Germans decides on the M4.

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2013 BMW 435i

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