Are you leaving your passion, dream or are you a victim of your environment?
By KKMM Reporter

Myles Munroe said “the cemetery is rich with books that were never written, magazine that were never published, great men who died as pupas, songs that were never sung, leaders who died as followers, entrepreneurs who died with their ideas, influential women who died as prostitutes so the next person sitting or standing next to you can be a candidate of a cemetery.”

The critical questions that an individual has to ask him/herself is, are you a candidate of the cemetery or are you going to identify your God given talent, dream, passion that only you can perfectly deliver to the world? As you try to look at your life, ask yourself these questions

1. What are the things that are stifling your growth?
“Procrastination is the thief of time,” they said. We have a challenge as people to procrastinate in doing things that advance us to serve our passion. Like knowing that you have to write exams and you don’t study and expect positive results. Staying in the job that does not give you an opportunity to serve your gift instead, you become the pay cheque collector. Not writing your priorities down or having a daily plan also stifles growth. Nurturing the mind because what you read must be consistent with your passion or nurture your gift.

2. What are the things that you have picked up in life that are a liability?
Bad habits like postponing things that are supposed to advance your career or dream. Wrong friends can also be liability for instance sharing with a friend that you intend creating a magazine and he/she gives you the disadvantages of why it will not work. We need to also be interested in our development and progress as friends and not compete against each other.

3. How many new things have you learned?
Your environment also has the way of teaching you how you can become a better person. Example in our streets when I was growing up there used to come thieves who brought their cars for service to a motor mechanic I was not working nor studying that time they will offer me money to wash their cars but I refused because I knew they were not making an honest leaving. I thought to myself never to make an environment of poverty determine who I am or can become. I make sure I read a book each month to learn new things about my passion in life, I have started exercising to take care of my health, I always see an opportunity to learn from older people and also from experts in particular fields that I am interested in. I learn new things everyday of being a responsible father, a good husband and being there for my family. I use social media to learn and research.

4. Looking at your spiritual and intellectual development how many books have you read or how many seminars have you attended?
I read every day and even when going to the toilet in my house I take a book along. The magazine also is providing opportunities to attend seminars such as the 2020 Leadership Seminars and others.

5. Did you achieve the goals that you wanted to achieve?
I have also realized that if we do not plan what we want to achieve our plans will never happen. We need to refocus our thoughts to what we want to achieve thought by now we could have published a hard copy of the magazine but we did not. It’s like we did not properly planned to achieve our goal and we did not put some effort. We did not also put measuring systems in place.

6. Are the toxic people in your life that you need to off load?
Your vision and dreams must guide the kind of association in your life. You cannot want to go to school where else the people you socialise with do not have educational interest. There are negative people who do not contribute to your wellbeing, are you able to identify them and decide that your vision is higher than the people who are toxic and do not add value in your life? Good, then act upon it.

7. What are the things in life that have influenced you?
Visualise your life in terms of role models. What kinds of people influence you? What type of TV shows do you watch are they influencing you positively? The type of environment you are in, are you a victim or are you controlling you destiny?

8. What is your philosophy and believes?
Someone once said “If you don’t believe in something you will fall for anything.” Your values must make you avoid things that are not consistent with your vision. The philosophy of life your believes and convictions are they guided by any higher being. What is the impact of God in your life?

9. What are things that are not enabling you to progress in life?
Procrastination, are you following on your plans and have you written your plans down because without written down plans there is no commitment.

These questions are some of the reflections that we must undertake in order to focus on our purpose in life and not chase after money, cars, staying in Suburbs, fame or status. These things stifles of growth and rightful living in our life’s because in chasing them we become greed in the process.

We must be the catalyst of change and ensure that our dreams and vision serves higher value than our individual self. We must not be candidates of cemetery but serve the world with our gifts, talents and passion.

We must also be able to identify negative influences in the environment and see an opportunity to change nether than being controlled by the environment.

Leave your passion